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The Alumni Page of The Marching Maroons of Madisonville, KY
Class of 2001


Class of 2003
Class of 2002
Class of 2001
Class of 2000
Class of 1972
2002-2003 Year
2001-2002 Year
2000-2001 Year
1999-2000 Year
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1997-1998 Year
1988-1989 Year
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Blake Bibbee
Josh Bowles
Drew Clary
Anne Clinton, Dean Dowdy Award
Aaron Cox
Becky Crutcher
Abram Davis
Arayna Fleming
Jamie Gipson (now Parkest), clarinet
Brittany Harris, Guard Captain
Jessica James
Cassie Lockard
Devon Matheny
James Piercy
Joe Phelan
Elizabeth Shelton, flute/piccolo, Directors Award and Pride Award
Tim Smith
Jake Taylor
Hawkins Teague
Stephen Uzzle
Laura West
Becca Woods, Guard Captain

Madisonville North Hopkins High School Marching Maroons