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2005 Show

Hopkins County Fair

If you wish to work at the drink booth at the Hopkins County fair, please contact Betty or Tony Elkins. This will be July 30 from 8:00am - 3:00 pm and August 2-6.

Also, volunteers are needed to park cars.

Band Cards

Band cards will be going on sale the first Friday of band camp. They will be $10.00 each.

Because of the expenses incurred in the operation of the band program, it is necessary for each student to pay a band fee. This fee pays for many of the things the band needs, such as uniform cleaning, purchasing instruments, band camp staff, etc. SHOULD THERE BE A HARDSHIP SITUATION, PLEASE CONTACT MR. BRYANT OR BAND BOOSTER PRESIDENT MR. BARRY SLATON. WE WANT EVERY CHILD TO PARTICIPATE AND NO CHILD WILL BE TURNED AWAY BECAUSE THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO PAY THE BAND FEES.

Parents and students recieving such assistance will, in turn, be asked to assist in fundraising efforts to the best of their ability to help offset the costs.

Our GOAL is for each bandmember is to sell to at least THREE households… If you do more, THAT IS GREAT!!!

Band activities cost money, we have ordered new uniform vesties, upcoming trips will cost money, we need YOUR help and your hard work in keeping this program in money.

REMEMBER…Order forms can be turned in ANYTIME between now and Sept 15th. DO NOT COLLECT MONEY..just ORDERS.

Also, if your family/friends already ordered from Schwanns, just tell them to tell the driver that they want there next order to be part of MNHHS Fundraiser. Prices are the same…Schwans has NOT increased the prices for the fundraiser. If they order between now and Sept 15, it can be credited to our fundraiser.

REMEMBER, it is football game season and marching contest time…no one has time to cook.