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2005 Band Camp

July 25-29
August 1-5

8am-12pm, 5-9pm
*Wednesday rehearsals are 8am-5pm

(From the 2005-2006 Band Member Handbook)

Although affectionately known as "band camp," the two weeks of rehearsal in July are the beginnings of our marching season. Students learn and review the fundamentals of marching and music. Over the course of the two weeks, students also learn their competition show music and drill. While these marching and playing rehearsals are outdoors, there are some things that can be done to make things as comfortable as possible.

1. Camp hours run from 8am-noon, then 5pm-9pm (except Wednesday, when camp runs 8am-5pm). This gives students a few hours in the afternoon to rest, and has the resting period during the hottest part of the day.

2. Water is provided at every rehearsal. Students are also encouraged, however, to bring a cooler which contain healthy drinks and snacks such as Gatorade, fruit snacks, etc. Students are allowed, and even encouraged, to bring water on the field provided the water bottles DO NOT interfere with the ability to march and play. One things we recommend is a nail pouch that the student ties around their waist where they can keep water, music, coordinate book, etc.

3. Dress appropriately. Shorts, light colored clothing, t-shirts, etc. Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (spf 50)

4. Get plenty of rest-go to bed early. Eat healthy-Band camp is not the time to diet!

Contrary to many horror stories, band camp is a fun week where you will meet new friends and the new Maroon Band comes together. We will have a full staff available, which means an instructor for each section will be here to work on music and help set drill. We also have parent volunteers who are there all day long in case of sunburn, bee stings, etc. It is our desire to supply you with two weeks of the best exerpience we can provide.

In conclusion, you (students) will come to band camp nervous, wondering if you will be able to march and play and memorize your music, etc. When you first arrive, you will think, "there is no way I can do this," and a few days later, YOU WILL BE DOING IT! (Remember, HUNDREDS of Maroon Band students have done this before, you can, too!)

Typical day at Band Camp

8:00 Stretch, outside, parking lot.
8:15 Warm-up arc for winds, seperate warm-up areas for guard and perc.
8:45 Begin drill / or marching fundamentals
9:45 Break
10:00 Drill / Marching fundamentals
11:00 Sectional Rehearsal inside school
Noon Break until 5
5:00 Sectional Rehearsal inside
6:00 Full band in band room
6:45 Break
7:00 Marching
8:00 Break
8:15 Marching