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Maroon Band at "The Slice"


Rob Bryant
Alan Emerson
Randy Adams
Troy Jones

Marching Band:

Musical Selections:

To Dwell in the Heart of the Masses:
Richard Saucedo's Windsprints and Rendezvous with the Other Side

Grand Champion: Murray State University FOC, Hopkins Co. Central, Hopkinsville, Kypaa "The Slice"

State: AAAA Semifinals 3rd Place; AAAA Finals 3rd Place

All-State Band:

Emily Blue
Sarah Jo Defini

Winterguard Circuit:

Regional A: Only Hope;PLACE TBA
Scholastic A: Duel by Bond; Place TBA


Jon Allen-Baritone/Drum Major
Megan Ashby-Flute/Piccolo
Sara Clark-Rifle/Flute
Kevin Dame-Trumpet
Jessica Goodman-Rifle/Flute
Jordan Hayes-Percussion/Tenor Drums
Katie Herrenbruck-Rifle/French Horn
Jeremy Hibbs-Tuba/Saxophone
Brian House-Trumpet
Alicia Kittinger-Flag/Flute
Kaylee Marks-Oboe/Drum Major
Chris Missig-Tuba
Heather Moore-Flag/Clarinet
Sara Norvell-Bassoon/Pit
Jared Oakley-Trumpet
Chad Piercy-Saxophone
Loran Puryear-Flag/Flute
Jon Stuart-Mellophone/Saxophone
Corey Summers-Baritone