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First Football Game


Fred Ashby
Alan Emerson
Randy Adams
Troy Jones

Marching Band:

Musical Selections:
Gavorkna Fanfare; Jack Stamp
Land of the Long White Cloud
Interlude from Year of the Dragon
Celebration; Phillip Sparke

Grand Champion: None

State: AAAA Semifinals-5th Place

All-State Band:

Monica Tate
Katie Bauer

Winterguard Circuit:

Scholastic A: A Song For You-4th Place


Ashley Baggett
Katie Bauer
Sarah Bryant
Hunter Davis
Cayce Denton
Daniel Hammack
Richard Hibbs
Mandy Major
Rita Miller
Stephanie Nelson
Amy Oakley
Randy Otsuka
Neal Pendley
Angela Pride
Monica Tate
Amy Townsend
Liz Trice
Kay Welborn